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Interplat Solutions, Inc., Credit Card Fraud

Recently, we have had a high volume of calls from people saying their charge card has had a charge payable to our corporation or to our URL. In every case we have been incorrectly identified as the payee. We want to make clear we are a software consulting business that provides consulting services on a contractual basis. We have not, and do not accept credit cards or numbers for our services. The research we have performed on behalf of some of those contacting us indicates these charges are being billed by a company with the URL www.inetplat.com. Our URL is www.interplat.com which is very similar, but not the same.

If you suspect your credit card number has been stolen and is being maliciously billed we urge you to contact your card issuing bank and seek advice on how to proceed. Please verify the URL of the internet site making the charge to your account. Our URL is very similar to many other URLs on the internet, but we are a privately held corporation and have no affiliation or interest in any other internet company, web services provider, or other corporation. We are very sympathetic to the problems caused by credit card number theft and subsequent fraud, but we are not responsible for these charges and are certainly not receiving the money from the charges. We strongly urge you to contact your issuing bank, accurately verify where the charges are coming from and proceed with whatever action is required to stop the abuse to your account.


Steve Kulig
Executive Vice President
Interplat Solutions, Inc.

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